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China EMC 2018 had been successfully hosted and been highly appraised 3/13
Bench and Modular Instruments on the Radar 3/28
China Mobile Research Institute Selects Spirent 3/28
Rohde & Schwarz: Digital Predistortion Option Shortens Test Time and Simplifies Amplifier Evaluation 3/3
TDK: LCL Filters for Recuperative Frequency Converter Systems 3/3
EMC-Partner: Measurement Analysis of Pulsed Disturbance Immunity 3/3
IEC 62761:2014: Guidelines for the Measurement Method of Nonlinearity for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Devices in Radio Frequency (RF) 3/3
CISPR 16-4-2:2011+A1:2014 3/3
IEC 60974-10:2014: Arc Welding Equipment – Part 10: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements 3/3
Dutch Cable Companies Blame 4G for TV Interference 2/18
European Commission Releases New EMF Exposure Report 2/18
Toyota Documents Show EMI as Possible Root of Sudden Acceleration Problem 2/18
Rohde & Schwarz future-ready single-box solution for testing LTE-WLAN traffic offload 2/18

As the leading EMC, Microwave, Antenna and RF event in China, 2024 China International Exhibition on EMC, Microwave and Safety Tests & Certification (China EMC2024 & China MW2024) will be hosted on May 28-30, 2024 in Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China.

China EMC2024 will serve as a bridge and provide a broad exchange platform for both academia and industry. and will recognize innovations and technology leaderships through exhibition, conference and various activities related, and will encompass the entire spectrum of electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic environment, signal integrity as well as featured EMC in emerging technologies.

China EMC2024, this prestigious event will receive great supports from government, academy, industry and high-qualified key industrial customers in China, and it is estimated that over 150 global key EMC, Microwave, Antenna and RF Corporations will participate in this influential and professional event, exhibit their latest products, technology, whole solutions, innovations and services.

China EMC2024 will provide an excellent platform to meet, mingle, create and seize new opportunities through the international gathering of everyone involved in technologies associated with RF, Microwave, Antenna and EMC hardware, instrumentation, software and etc. The 3-days exhibition will provide a most valuable platform with the exhibitors to have the effective interactive communications with a diverse and big number (over 4000) of highly qualified & key technical visitors, buyers, experts, scholars and leaders from government, industries and academy from aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, smart grid, automobile, IoT, intelligent manufacturing, medical systems, military, 5G/6G, telecommunication, post, ships, railway, transportation, broadcasting, lighting, radar, navigation, public safety, wireless communications, EM Spectrum, Industrial Control, Security petroleum, information, ECM, metrology, meteorology, industrial testing labs and etc. The exhibitor will get well repayments in brand promotion, technical cooperation and enjoy rich & valuable personal, commercial and business resources in China.

As the spotlights of China EMC2024, large influential conferences will be hosted: `2024 China International Conference on Equipment Informatization with EMC and Microwave Technology` , `2024 China International EMC and Microwave Summit` , `2024 China International Conference on Aerospace, Aviation, Radar and Wireless Communications with EMC and Microwave Technology` and `2024 China International Conferences on New Energy Vehicle, Smart Grid, IoT, Intelligent Manufacturing, 5G/6G and Medical Systems with EMC and Microwave Technology` and etc. These conferences receive great supports & active participations from China Military Departments, CETC, CASIC, CASC, AVIC, CSSC, CSIC, CNIGC, CNNC, CNEEC, and also from China Telecommunications, Power, Smart Grid, Aerospace, Aviation, IoT, Intelligent Manufacturing, Radar, Wireless Communications, ECM, Medical industries and Government branches related. We estimate over 4000 senior management, technicians & customers from aerospace, aviation, ship, military, new energy vehicle, electronics, IoT, 5G/6G, intelligent manufacturing, smart grid and nuclear industry will attend the conferences and visit the exhibition!

3-days high-ranking forums, seminars, workshops and new product releases during China EMC2024 will focus at the forefront and offer an insight into advanced & cutting-edge EMC & EMI, Chambers, Shielding, Filters, Microwave and RF technology, whole solutions, service innovations, market development and business opportunities in aerospace, electronics, automotive, IoT, transportation, medical systems, broadcasting, 5G/6G, Intelligent Manufacturing, smart grid, EM environment, lab testing, metrology measuring and calibration and etc.. The leaders, well-known scholars, experts and key important customers from government, academy and every industry will share with you great market opportunities and technology innovations to ensure you have the first-hand & satisfactory policy, information, technology, solution, service and especially the most valuable commercial and business resources in China, Also we will host standardization and labs testing & certification forums with China Radio Interference Standardization Committee (IEC/CISPR) and China National EMC Standardization Committee (IEC/TC77) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) for latest standards promotions and exchanges.

Best access to share the rapidly-increasing EMC, Microwave, Antenna and RF market in China, apply to be an exhibitor now!


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2024 The 11st China International Exhibition on EMC, Microwave, Antenna and Safety Tests & Certification (China EMC2024 & China MW2024)