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Exhibition Space: 5000 sq. m.

Exhibitors Number: over 150

Technical Visitors & Buyers Number: 5000

Technical Visitors & Buyers come from aerospace, aviation, national defense, electronics, 5G, internet of things, precision machinery, power, smart grid, new energy automobile, medical systems, military, radar, ECM, telecommunication, post, shipping, railway, transportation, broadcasting, lighting, petroleum, chemical, mining, textile, information, metrology, meteorology and etc, mainly from China and part from Southeast Asia.

Technical Conference: three-day session with big scale on the following industries: Equipment Informatization (Aerospace, Aviation, Ship, Military, Electronics and Nuclear Industry), EM Spectrum, 5G Telecommunications, Power and Smart Grid Industry, New Energy Automobile & Auto Electronics Industry, The Internet of Things, Medical System Industry, Broadcasting, Information Electronics Industry, Antenna, Microwave, Tests and Measurements and etc., totally attendees: over 3000.

Technical Seminar, workshops and Lectures: three-day, with a variety of in-depth learning from government, industry and academy ,with a wide-range of topics from the basics to advanced, cutting-edge technology with over 60 sessions covering almost every industry topics, totally attendees: over 2500.



2018 China International Exhibition on EMC/EMI, Microwave, Antenna and Safety Certifications & Tests Organizer