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Exhibits Scope  


·EMC & EMI Measurement & Instrumentation, Chambers & Cells, Antennas, Near Field techniques

·Electromagnetic Environment analysis, Lightning, ESD, signal integrity and lightning techniques

·Shielding, Gaskets, Filters, Grounding

·Apparatus, PCB, Electronic Packaging & Integration, Semiconductors,Cables and Connectors

·EM Protection, Wireless Power & Comm. EMC

·Power Systems, filters technology in Smart Grids

·EMC in Automotive, Railway Systems, Naval Systems, Aircraft & Space Systems, biomedical and all industries related.

·EMC applications in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

·EMC Standards and Regulations

·EMC Software, Education and promotion

·EMC test and certification 

Microwave and RF

Active Components: Converters, Modulators, Phase shifters, Frequency Synthesizers, Multipliers, Switches, Mixers, Oscillators, Vacuum Electron Devices/Tubes

Amplifiers: Base Station Amplifier, Log Amplifier, Power Amplifier, Gain Blocks, Low Noise Amplifier, Small Signal Amplifier

Antenna hardware, Antenna, Radomes

Materials: Absorbers, Feedthrus, Package, Ceramics, Ferrites, PCB, Coating, Gaskets, Shielding, Crystals, Laminates, Substrates

Optoelectronics & Fiber-optics: Fiber-optics components, systems, equipment, optoelectronics devices, lasers

Passive Components: Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators, Millimeter-wave Components, Power dividers, SAW devices, Transformers, circulators, Delay Lines, Detectors, Diplexers, Duplexers, Limiters, Power Combiners, Relay, Sensors

Resistors, Capacitors, Coils, Inductors

Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits: ASICs, Diodes, FET`s, MEMS, MIMIC`s, RFIC`s, Thick Film Circuits, Thin film circuits, Transistors, Varactors,

Softwares of Design, Measurement, Modeling, Simulation

Radar, Receivers, Subsystems, systems, transceivers, transmitters

Test Equipment & Instruments: Automated Test Equipment, Meters, Noise Sources, Prototype Machine, Synthesizers, Test Fixtures/systems, Tuners,  Oscilloscopes, Bonders, Generators, IR Test Equipment

Transmission-line Components: Adapters, Connectors, Surge Protectors, Bias Tees, DC Blocks, Terminations, Cable, Loads, Wavequide, Cable Assemblies, Rotary Joints


Microwave and RF design in Products

Application & Dissemination of Standard

Test & Certification

 and More


2018 China International Exhibition on EMC/EMI, Microwave, Antenna and Safety Certifications & Tests Organizer